Beyond rankings

Singapore’s public universities are world-class. But their high rankings may conceal — and even contribute to — structural problems. A collection of articles on the work ahead.

Universities’ billion-dollar reserves spark questions on how much in donations is enough

By Theresa Tan – Singapore’s universities have billion-dollar reserves, generating millions in investment income a year. What is the impact of their fund-raising on other charities? How are their funds managed? In The Straits Times, 27 July 2019 (log-in required).

Making NUS and NTU great Singapore universities

By Han Fook Kwang – What should a Singapore university work on that will make a difference? The question is not just about research but ultimately about identity. In The Straits Times, 2 June 2019 (log-in required).

How Singapore’s obsession with university rankings only serves to hurt it

By Linda Lim and Pang Eng Fong – The emphasis on journal-friendly research helps universities climb league tables. Yet this often comes at the expense of high-quality research of national interest. In South China Morning Post, 21 December 2018.

Singapore risks seeing worthy local research sidelined in hurry to climb up global university rankings

By Linda Lim – The publicly funded Presidential Young Professor scheme, with its high salaries and big research grants, exacts a large opportunity cost for non-PYP faculty. In South China Morning Post, 20 December 2018.

Singapore’s US$200k university salaries are worth every penny

By Danny Quah – New ideas and novel innovations raise productivity and improve citizens’ well-being. Today, Singapore leads the world in a range of frontier technologies. In South China Morning Post, 17 December 2018.

Singapore’s US$200k starter salaries: why education pays the price

By Linda Lim and Pang Eng Fong – An academic arms race is raging – and it is bad news for everybody. In South China Morning Post, 3 December 2018.

Singapore’s fling with global stars sidelines local talent

By Pang Eng Fong and Linda Lim – Singaporeans are starting to question the benefit of recruiting so much global research talent. In Times Higher Education, 24 August 2018.

Singapore’s powerhouses neglect local intellectual life

By Cherian George – Singaporeans deserve more local impact from their top-ranked public universities. In Times Higher Education, 11 January 2018.

What it will take to evolve world-class universities here

By Linda Lim and Pang Eng Fong – A strong tradition of academic research and debate, and cultural tolerance and diversity encourage research and critical thinking. In The Straits Times, 7 October 2005.

Varsity rankings – they don’t tell all

By Linda Lim – There are many methodological grounds on which to question university rankings, besides the fact that they mostly compare apples and oranges. In The Straits Times, 17 December 2004.