Singapore Studies Junior Scholar Seminars

Meet PhD students and post-docs doing exciting research on Singapore

AcademiaSG’s Singapore Studies Junior Scholar Seminars provide a venue for geographically and disciplinarily dispersed PhD students and post-doctoral scholars to share their research on Singapore, and to connect with faculty and other students worldwide. We are grateful to senior scholars who readily agreed to serve as respondents, as well as university departments that have shown their support by attaching their names to the events as co-convenors.

2024 season

26 March: Civic education alone won’t improve ethnic tolerance – Jeremy Siow, University of Oxford > MORE

26 March: Nanyang University in the Trans Pacific Cold War – Joshua Tan, University of California Santa Cruz > MORE

2023 season

25 July: Exploring Student Responses to Representations of Poverty and Privilege in Singapore Poetry – Dominic Nah, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University > MORE

4 April: Financialising welfare subjectivities: CPF, neoliberalism and state power – Eve Yeo, University of Liverpool > MORE

2022 season

22 July: Contesting Chineseness: new Chinese migrants and the ‘lower classes’ in Singapore – Sylvia Ang, Deakin University > MORE

30 June: Podcasts for Research and Public Engagement in Singapore – Jin Yao Kwan, University of Denver > MORE

26 May: The Secret Lives of Urban Kampong Chiefs: Deciphering Grassroots Leaders in Singapore – George Wong, Singapore Management University > MORE

30 Apr: ‘It is Dangerous to Talk like Americans’: The Rise of a Singaporean Exceptionalism Inadvertently Modelled on American Right Traditions – Soh Wee Yang, University of Chicago > MORE

7 Apr: Mother Tongue Orphan: Sign Language and Multiculturalism in Singapore – Timothy Loh, MIT > MORE

23 Mar: Seeing, Feeling, Knowing the Smart City – Nurul Amillin Hussain, University of Oxford > MORE

4 Mar: Can Every School Be A Good School? – Jacqueline Ho, Cornell University > MORE

2021 season

25 June: Underrated contributions of elderly care: Singapore & Taiwan – Lynn Ng Yu Ling, University of Victoria > MORE

29 May: The Colonial and Cold War Origins of “Youth” in Singapore – Edgar Liao, University of British Columbia > MORE

30 Apr: Chasing Utopias: Chemsex as Liberation in Gay Singapore – Rayner Kay Jin Tan, National University of Singapore > MORE

10 Apr: The Included: Thinking with Disability Studies in Singapore – Kuansong Victor Zhuang, University of Illinois at Chicago and Macquarie University > MORE

27 Mar: Refusing Pragmatic Resistance: Queer Presence As “Counter-conduct” – Zihan Loo, University of California, Berkeley > MORE

10 Mar: Foreign Bodies, Local Language – Joshua Babcock, University of Chicago > MORE

22 Feb: Singaporean ‘Food Voices’ at the End of Life – Paul Victor Patinadan, Nanyang Technological University > MORE

5 Feb: The Storytelling State: Performing Life Histories in Singapore – Nien Yuan Cheng, University of Sydney > MORE