Let’s explore knowledge production: Join us for our conference, 6-7 May 2024

Academic Views, Editorials, Events / Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

The conference aims to discuss the conditions affecting knowledge-production work in different fields of activity, and identify the most promising ways to connect with one another and with the wider public. We define “knowledge” in its broadest possible sense: not just research findings, but also understandings of humanity and society explored through art, professional practice, and community engagement. 

Themes we hope presenters will address include:

  • Conditions that shape research/artistic/advocacy decisions and practices
  • Conditions affecting pedagogical practices
  • Constraints and limitations of the Singapore context, past and present
  • Spaces of possibilities and promise
  • Connections between knowledge/art/advocacy and the public

Within our broad theme of knowledge production, we aim for these workshops to be as inclusive as possible, in terms of our definitions of knowledge and how it’s produced and shared; and the specialisations, professions, disciplines, and fields represented. To encourage this, we do not want to be overly prescriptive about how the theme is to be addressed. We anticipate that the theme will mean slightly different things within different fields, and that this diversity will help make the gathering more stimulating. We only ask that you ensure that your contribution is presented for a non-specialist audience, most of whom may not be familiar with the paradigms and contexts within which you work.

Submission requirements

  • 250-word abstract, plus 100-word personal bio and/or organisation profile. Please specify your main concerns and ideas.


  • January 20, 2024

Please email us your proposal (or any questions, ideas, or expressions of interest).