Let’s explore knowledge production: a call for proposals for two workshops in May 2024

Academic Views, Editorials, Events / Saturday, December 9th, 2023

Singaporeans are among the best educated and most connected peoples in the world. But there is broad agreement that we are not fully using these strengths for the collective good of society. This gap has been acknowledged by the government’s large-scale national consultation exercises, and universities’ attempts to promote knowledge transfer and social impact beyond academia, for example. 

In 2024, AcademiaSG hopes to extend this work through “Knowledge PRAXIS” — a series of initiatives to explore the state of knowledge production in contemporary Singapore, not only in academia but in various other sectors. They include a pair of workshops on May 6 and May 10, 2024

We invite scholars, artists, journalists, activists, and other knowledge producers to participate in these workshops, which aim to discuss the conditions affecting knowledge-production work in different fields of activity, and identify the most promising ways to connect with one another and with the wider public. We define “knowledge” in its broadest possible sense: not just research findings, but also understandings of humanity and society explored through art, professional practice, and community engagement. 

Themes we hope participants will address include:

  • Conditions that shape research/artistic/advocacy decisions and practices
  • Conditions affecting pedagogical practices
  • Constraints and limitations of the Singapore context, past and present
  • Spaces of possibilities and promise
  • Connections between knowledge/art/advocacy and the public

Submission requirements

  • 250-word abstract, plus 100-word personal bio and/or organisation profile. Please identify your main concerns and ideas.


  • January 20, 2024

Please send us your proposal (or any questions, ideas, or expressions of interest) via email to acadsingapore@gmail.com.