Election Explainer: Nasty tactics

Explainer, GE2020 / Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Nasty! A card game of gutter politics

Elections almost anywhere will see a fair amount of negative, and, frankly, underhanded campaigning. Singapore is no exception. To help people identify some common tactics and respond, we’ve prepared a little series of image cards titled NASTY!

Please enjoy and use them. Do share them with friends and family on your social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) and private messaging apps too! The more information and education the better!

These cards just provide some basics. We are sure people are able to come up with even more nasty tactics. When you do so, think about what you can do and let people around you know too.

The way to think about dealing with gutter politics is not too different from public health information. Find out, share, discuss, think, repeat!

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