Hiding in Plain Sight: S. Rajaratnam and Intellectual History in Singapore

Academic Views, Events

In our first AcademiaSG Lecture, PHILIP HOLDEN retrieves PAP founding father S. Rajaratnam’s early anticolonial thought and discusses its relevance for contemporary discussions of race and identity. Watch the video.

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What fate for 377A? Choose you this day

Academic Views

Professor of Law Michael Hor critiques the Court of Appeal’s recent judgement concerning the criminalisation of gay sex. Either the Government or the Courts should stop sitting on the fence and come down in favour of removing this harmful piece of legislation, he argues.

April 8, 2022

Democracy, Singapore-Style? Biden’s Summit spotlights questions of how to categorize regimes

Academic Views, Explainer

Putting aside the Summit’s controversial invitation list, how do experts characterize Singapore’s political system? AcademiaSG editor and political scientist Chong Ja Ian surveys more rigorous measures that are widely used. Singapore’s recent non-invite to the US-organized Summit for Democracy has created some discussion about the country’s regime type and status, including some debate over the […]

December 20, 2021