Hiding in Plain Sight: S. Rajaratnam and Intellectual History in Singapore

Academic Views, Events

In our first AcademiaSG Lecture, PHILIP HOLDEN retrieves PAP founding father S. Rajaratnam’s early anticolonial thought and discusses its relevance for contemporary discussions of race and identity. Join us on 23 February.

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How to Outsmart Mis/Disinformation about the Ukraine war and other events

Special Topics

华文版,请继续往下阅读。Sila gulir ke bawah untuk membaca versi Bahasa Melayu. Many people have been reporting confusion and even receiving dubious information about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Wars are moments where powerful states and other actors use the vast resources available to them to shape information and narratives. These efforts seek to discredit adversaries while trying to […]

April 23, 2022

What fate for 377A? Choose you this day

Academic Views

Professor of Law Michael Hor critiques the Court of Appeal’s recent judgement concerning the criminalisation of gay sex. Either the Government or the Courts should stop sitting on the fence and come down in favour of removing this harmful piece of legislation, he argues.

April 8, 2022