Election Explainer: Nasty tactics 2

Explainer, GE2020 / Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Welcome to Nomination Day and the official start of the campaign period!

As election campaigning heats up, there is almost sure to be more gutter politics. Here’s NASTY TWO, an expansion pack for our little bag of common dirty tricks. We hope you will find the cards helpful and informative as you observe hustings and consider how to cast your vote.

Enjoy and share with friends and family remember to share via social media (Facebook, Instagram etc) or private messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE etc). Help more people think about what might be going on and how to respond. You can even have a little competition. Create daily, weekly, and campaign leaderboards for candidates and parties using these cards. Compare who uses more gutter politics.

When assessing candidates and political parties, focusing on behaviour and positions may be especially useful. Given the GRC system and party discipline, behaviour and positions may be even more important than individual personalities. They can provide clearer clues about how a party will act and what they will pursue once in Parliament.

Remember five steps: Corroborate, think, share, discuss, repeat!

PS: Please do not believe bookie odds anymore. If you need numbers, just remember 47 seats for a simple majority, at least 63 for a supermajority. (4763!)

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